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Once you step through our doors, your experience will begin with a smile, a friendly face, and when you leave, you will leave with the satisfaction of knowing your pet was in loving and caring hands.

Dishlickers Resort has been servicing Pearcedale and surrounding areas for many years. We have a commitment to make your pet feel at home while you're away. We pride ourselves in that our staff are well educated in excellent pet care.


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We know that finding a place to leave your loved pet can be a daunting task; that your dog's unique personality and special needs deserve the attention of well-trained and caring staff members. Whether your dog is planning to stay with us for three weeks or just for the day our goal is to make your vacation, business trip, or standard work day less stressful for you and your dog.




A home away from home, your dog will have all the luxuries available to them in our top quality dog boarding kennel. Dishlickers Resort aims to become your dog's home away from home and be the most comfortable, complete and enjoyable resort for them!

In an attempt to provide all essential requirements under one-roof, our dog kennel in Pearcedale has been designed to be the perfect destination for your dog's stay. Catering to their special requirements, our kennels are one of the best alternatives to your home.

Your dogs are the most happy when they are in your company. Whether you are reading a book, watching television, jogging around the park, or going out for shopping, they like to participate in your activities and be your companion in the best possible way they can. So it can be expected that when you leave them on their own or some place else, not being around you could sadden them.

But if you leave them with us at Dishlickers Resort, we will make sure they remain happy and joyful, busy with different activities in our dog kennel. Our dog kennels are taken care of by a well-trained and professional team, who understand your dog's psychology and their special requirements. So you can be sure that your dog's physical and emotional needs, both are being taken care of at our top quality dog resort.

As far as their health and cleanliness is concerned, rest assured that our boarding kennel has all the facilities available for proper grooming and medication of your beloved pet. And what's more is that we can arrange for your dog to be picked up from your home and brought to our kennel in Pearcedale and then dropped back to your home as well. We aim to be the best and the most convenient dog kennel in Melbourne so you need not worry about your dog's care when you are away.

A friendly team of staff, top quality accommodation and lots of fun and activities all await your dog! No matter what size or breed of dog you have, we will provide them the most comfortable and joyful dog boarding experience! Our well-trained staff and superior quality facilities can also cater to special needs that your dog might have, including special dietary requirements. So give us a call or send us an email to book a pen in our dog kennel and let us at Dishlickers Resort impress you with our dog boarding services!




Merv and Shelley Turner

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