Pet Accommodation

Canine Accommodation

Our new kennel complex contains 40 indoor pens large enough to house two large dogs. The kennel is fully insulated and has in floor heating. All our pen sizes are larger than required by the Code of Practice – Boarding Establishments. All dogs are provided with a hammock bed in their indoor pen. We have large exercise areas catering for the most energetic of dogs. The dogs are walked on lead to the exercise areas providing individual attention to each dog at least twice a day. The dogs are fed on a premium dry food, Black Hawk as well as a cooked chicken loaf.

The quality of accommodation directly affects the quality of living. Just as you make sure that your home is the most comfortable accommodation for your dog, a place that takes care of their essential needs, Dishlickers Resort also aims at providing the best dog accommodation in Melbourne.

Our dog pens have been designed with the aim that your dog does not feel confined or suffocated. This is why they come with a lot of space for your dog to lounge, take a nap and relax. We know that your dog needs a comfortable and appropriate bed for them to stretch in, roll around and make themselves comfortable, which is why we have provided them a hammock bed in each of the pens so they can have comfortable bedding for themselves!

Our dog accommodation Melbourne has a large exercise area for your dogs so they can have lots of fun and enjoy various activities. Once they have spent time to their heart’s content relaxing in their pens and hammock beds – when they are through with their naps, we allow them to walk, run, play and get a good exercise in our large exercise areas. Getting a good exercise is not just good for their physical health; it also elevates their mood and contributes towards their mental and emotional health. We make sure your dogs stay healthy, active, responsive, happy and physically fit by getting them involved in a good exercise regime on a regular basis.

Our dog accommodation is one of the best available because we have gained immense experience in our field. We use our expertise to ensure that our dog accommodation has all the essential facilities for taking proper care of your dogs. We have emergency medical services, veterinary care and medication available for your dogs so they can get immediate medical care whenever required.

Our dog accommodation Melbourne also takes care of special dietary needs your dog might have. We make sure that your dogs get proper meals, at proper timings and in proper quantities so they remain healthy and happy.

You can visit our kennels any time to see for yourself all the facilities we have available for taking good care of your dogs. Our team will also be there to satisfy any concerns you might have. Our kennel is available for your dogs to come and stay with us for as long as they like.

So send us an email, visit us or call us and book your dog with us. We will make sure that we take good care of your dog just like you do at your home! 

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Feline Accommodation

Dishlickers Resort is the leading cat boarding resort in Melbourne. Our cattery in Pearcedale offers a superior service.

Are you afraid that no one else can pamper your cat like you do? We at Dishlickers Resort assure you that you cat will get all the pampering and indulgence that they require!

Our cattery has been designed to take special care of your cats while you are away. Cats are particular about their requirements and are very unhappy when they are not properly taken care of. But you need not stress out or worry about them when you are away because our highly trained and friendly staff will give all the love and care that your cat desires!

We will make sure that your cat keeps purring in delight the whole time she is with us in our cattery in Pearcedale! Our cattery is a luxurious accommodation for your cat to lounge in, nap, stretch, relax and laze around in. We provide a spacious place for your cats so they do not feel trapped, confined or suffocated.

Cats are very sensitive to danger; if they sense any sort of threat, they become timid. Therefore we go to extra lengths to make them feel safe and protected in our cattery. Being curious as they are, we make sure to be observant and keep them under constant supervision so they may not get in any kind of trouble or try to escape in order to try and satisfy their curiosity.

Cats are moody, and not being in the right environment can make them whiny, upset and downright annoyed. They also stop co-operating when they are in a bad mood. We aim to provide a perfect atmosphere for your cats so they may spend quality time in comfortable living conditions. We make sure they get proper air and sunlight; important aspects in keeping their moods elevated!

Since we have 24 hours veterinary care available, we can provide proper medication and emergency medical services if required. If your cat has any special medical needs, we would be more than happy to cater to them also! We make sure that your cats are given a proper diet, on time and in appropriate quantities. If your cat has any special dietary needs, Dishlickers Resort will be more than happy to take care of them.

For the perfect cat boarding experience in Melbourne, give us a call or send us an email and we will find the perfect space for your pet cat in our top quality cattery!

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