Pick up and delivery service available

Hydrobath and grooming

Medication will be administered by staff

24 hour access to emergency veterinary services

Special diets catered for

Daycare, overnight stay and long-term accommodation available

melbourne pet minding
pet delivery and pickup service
melbourne pet accommodation

Pet Minding Melbourne

The choice of keeping a dog as your pet is one that will bring you joy in every moment that you spend with your pet! When you have dogs as your pets, you get to enjoy their unconditional love and companionship. They are loyal and affectionate companions who love to spend their time taking care of you. The way they are devoted to their owners is unmatched by any other animal’s devotion to you. When you play with them, pet them, feed them or simply let them off their leash for a good run around the park, their reaction is priceless! It is just what you need after a stressful day at work!

As they grow close to you, they develop an affiliation with you and expect the same level of commitment from you also. But there are times when you could be in a situation where you need somebody else to take care of them. It could be for a day or for a few weeks even. For example, you could be going away on a business trip or a vacation where you are not allowed to be accompanied by your dog. We understand that leaving your dog at someone else’s mercy is a tough decision for sure and that is why we at Dishlickers Resort are here to solve this dilemma for you by providing you with the best-suited alternative home for your dog!

As experts in dog minding, we can be trusted to take the best care of your dog while you are away. We understand the sensitivity involved in pet minding business and therefore, we go the extra mile into making your dog feel loved and taken care of just as they are at home! When you will know that your dog is in good hands, you will also be worry-free and can concentrate on your own commitments.

You are welcome to put forth any question you might have in your mind regarding our kennels. We understand that you would be concerned about your dog’s care. It is our responsibility at Dishlickers Resort to satisfy your concerns. Our experience as an entity that deals with dog boarding has allowed us to take special care of the essential requirements that will make your dog’s stay comfortable and fun, whether they are here for a day or a month!

We will make sure that your dogs bask in luxury and are properly bathed and groomed. They will get a proper playtime where they can enjoy themselves and have a good exercise. We will take special care of their diet and if your dog has any special dietary requirements, we will take care of that too! We provide comfortable dog pens that come with comfortable hammock beds for your dogs to nap or rest in.

Therefore, you can be sure that your dogs get a complete dog minding experience. So give us a call and we will be there to pick your dog and drop them off as well!